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Chicken meat in Ethiopia

What the company does and why

Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa after Nigeria. And population growth is still high. With this growth and the emergence of a middle class with more purchasing power, meat consumption is increasing. This puts considerable pressure on the ecosystem. It is therefore desirable to consume relatively more chicken and less beef. This is because the conversion from feed to meat is much more efficient for chicken (less feed is needed) than for beef. The so-called feed-to-meat ratio is 1:2 for chicken and 1:6 for cows.

Since 2013, chicken has also been imported into Ethiopia. In percentage terms, this is only a very small proportion, but in absolute quantities very significant. This mainly involves so-called quality chicken, intended for restaurants, hotels and the better supermarkets. Imports come at the expense of scarce hard currency and do not contribute to the local economy.

The impact

The entrepreneurs of ChicoMeat set out to establish a high-quality chicken meat chain to provide a good national alternative to imported chicken. In doing so, they also envisage that local chicken farmers will benefit. Instead of the easy way - own chicken houses - they opted for a decentralised model with chicken farmers. The farmers receive the chicks from ChicoMeat and raise them on their own property. In the process, they receive advice on how best to do so. When the chickens are fully grown, they deliver them back and receive a good and stable price for them.

The slaughterhouse also accommodates people who cannot find jobs elsewhere, for example due to disabilities. In this way, ChickoMeat's entrepreneurs want to be meaningful to the country in different ways.

Also sandwich in African chicken!

As a participant, you become a co-owner of the Fair Factory Development Fund. The minimum deposit is 100,000 euros. By investing in the Fair Factory Development Fund, you enable us to invest in several factories in different countries.

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