Working method

How we invest

We invest in agrifood companies in Africa and Asia. As shareholders, we help build powerful companies with a positive impact on a national scale. We work with entrepreneurs who - like us - are values-driven.

Being a shareholder

The money we invest, we invest mostly as shareholders. We stand side by side with the entrepreneur and influence the company's direction. We share in ups and downs. That fits well with who we are and how we want to do our work: not distant but fully involved.

Sharing values

We consider it essential that our values match those of the entrepreneur and fellow shareholders.

Responsibility, equality and care for nature are our core values. We feel connected and work with investors and companies who, driven by stewardship, share these values.

Giving support

We have a unique partnership with development organisation Word and Deed. Together with its partners, Woord en Daad provides training and guidance to farmers and young people around the factory. Farmers learn to organise themselves and receive training in sustainable farming techniques. Young people receive vocational training so they have a better chance of getting a job at the factory.

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