Vision and approach

Mission and vision


We are values-driven impact investors. We do our work based on the principle of stewardship and seek the same from our investors and companies. We invest in agrifood-processing companies in rural areas in Africa and Asia. Our goal is social impact: a better perspective for all stakeholders. First and foremost, the population, farmers and factory workers. We aim for modest financial returns for our investors.


Many countries in the South have good agricultural potential. However, they often lack processing capacity. That is why a country like Sierra Leone still imports rice from Thailand when it could very well produce it itself. It is also why Bangladesh exports jute as a commodity to which real value is added only further down the chain.

We invest in entrepreneurs who want to do things differently. They have a healthy business case in several respects which we want to help scale up with our investment. We do this as an engaged shareholder.

What drives us

We believe that, as stewards, we are called to deal responsibly, equally and sustainably with what has been entrusted to us here on earth by God. Therefore, together with our investors and companies, we deliberately seek positive social impact. From our riches here, we want to invest in riches there.

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