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Investing in food production

There is probably no other asset class that delivers as much return as agri-food in low- and middle-income countries. At least, if you don't just look at financial returns. We look at returns at different levels, our 5F impact perspective:


Our companies produce food products. Concrete, honest, healthy products. We express this impact in numbers of portions of food produced.


Our companies create jobs. Some do so so well that they receive awards from their national governments for doing so. We express this impact in numbers of jobs.


Farmers know that, year after year, they can deliver their product to our farms and receive a fair price for it. That offers security. We express this impact in numbers of supplying farmers and in the sum of payments for their product.


Our farms strive to cultivate as much farmland as possible in organic or other nature-friendly and climate-resistant ways.

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We aim for modest financial returns for our investors. We emphasise that investment risks are very high, and investors should only commit resources they can spare. To determine the financial return, we make a fair value valuation of our portfolio every year.

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