New investment in food production in Kenya

The Fair Factory Development Fund is expanding its portfolio with a new investment: Shalem Investment Ltd in Kenya.

This family business plays a major role in food security in Kenya and is also a pioneer in the field of inclusion and sustainability.


Shalem's mission is to support and empower 30,000 smallholder farmers to increase the production of basic food. In addition, Shalem supports these farmers in creating social security by combining agricultural products, marketing and sales channels. A large part of the products are used to make Ugali: the daily 'bread' of the Kenyans. Ugali is a healthy and affordable staple food. In this way, Shalem makes an enormous contribution to food security in Kenya.


Shalem's activities are split into three categories. 20% of the turnover is grain trade, 70% is flour production and 10% is animal feed production. The latter category largely consists of processing the residual flow from the production of flour products.

Proven partnership

Over the past ten years, Shalem has proven itself as a loyal partner for farmers and as a producer of healthy, affordable and important food products.

By processing residual flows into animal feed and using solar panels for energy supply, Shalem is taking important steps in sustainable food production in Kenya.

The company's vision and approach fit seamlessly with our vision on stewardship. This makes Shalem Investment Ltd a valuable addition to our portfolio.

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