Over 35 attendees at seminar on stewardship

On Friday 10 March, some 35 investors and other interested parties gathered at the Bijenhuis in Wageningen for a seminar on stewardship.

After the general membership meeting, Prof Dr Jan van der Stoep (special professor of Christian philosophy at Wageningen University) gave a special 'lecture' on stewardship.

Biblical view stewardship

From Genesis 2, Van der Stoep took the audience through a Biblical view of stewardship. At its core, this involves four points:

  • Goods management
  • Caring for others
  • Connected to the earth
  • Living in expectation.

John Calvin said: we have received the land on loan. Herein is the line from the generations that have been to future generations. Important is caring for each other, knowing your place and offering hope, which is a perspective that encourages action. Not 'endings' (goals, targets), but principles (places of hope).

Coconut in Ghana

After this lecture, Wietse van Tilburg took attendees through the story of Melach Coconut Processing Farm, a new investment of the fund in Ghana. The company successfully exports organic coconut oil and various by-products.

A live video link was used to connect with Michael Annan, founder and managing director of the company. Michael, with his enthusiasm and wit, got the hands of those present several times for loud applause.

Afterwards, there was an opportunity for chat and networking over snacks and drinks.

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