Ethiopia: lasting peace starts in small

Gerrit Kuiper and Koert Jansen recently visited the company Chico Meat in Ethiopia. The Fair Factory Development Fund invests in this company.

The long-awaited peace treaty to end the civil war in the north was signed late last year. Ethiopia was in the news a lot last year because of that war, which is leaving its mark all over the country. It is still not safe to travel far outside the capital.

Peaceful impression

The green, rolling hills surrounding Chicomeat give a peaceful impression and thus seem a hopeful frame for the treaty. Yet there is no real peace yet. Tensions remain high and incidents of violence are actually increasing in some places.

Make a difference

In this fragile and tense environment, Chico Meat is making a difference. In its own small-scale way, the company tries to contribute to a more peaceful society.

By giving farmers opportunities to develop. By being good to workers (there was singing and laughter in the factory). And by being actively involved in community initiatives, such as a school for the blind. Sustainable peace starts in small ways.

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