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Cacao is a highly profitable crop for small farmers. However, it takes four years before a cacao tree bears fruit. This period is too long to bridge for an average farmer. Kennemer and Agronmika have now developed a method with which the farmer can grow other crops in the meantime so that he or she still gains enough return from his or her plot of land. In addition to this, Agronomika provides the funding for the cacao development, something which other financers do not want to provide. However, this means that Agronmika provides a lot of pre-financing with the associated risk. That is also why Agronomika as a financing vehicle is a separate entity.


The financing of small farmers must be expanded over the next four years to realize an increased production. The greater the number of farmers who participate, the lower the costs and risks involved.

Kennemer plans to grow from the current collaboration with 1200 farmers to a collaboration with 30,000 farmers.


The expansion plans of this project will lead to the following developments at the start of 2022:

  • 25 cacao collection centres
  • 700 farmers trained and contracted
  • The capacity to collaborate with 10,000 new farmers who jointly supply about 12,000 metric tonnes of cacao to the factory.
  • The production acreage of local farmers is expanded to 32,000 hectares.
  • 26 million new cacao trees have been planted

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The Kennemer and Agronomika community consists of:



supply cocoa beans to Kennemer



ferment, clean and sort the beans



assist and train the farmers



process the cocoa into chocolate


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is involved from Woord & Daad / Incluvest


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