We are a shareholder

We invest the money as a shareholder. That means we can come alongside the entrepreneur and exert an influence on the course of the company. And we share in the ups and the downs. That ties in well with our identity and how we want to do our work: not from a distance but fully involved.

We share values

We believe it is vital that our values agree with those of our fellow shareholders and stakeholders from the company. In our case this means that we focus on equality, responsibility, caring for each other, caring for the environment, openness and honesty. We are therefore very selective about who we partner with. That gives rise to an environment in which values can be actively expressed.

We support farmers and young people

Fair Factory Development Fund is an initiative of Woord en Daad. The fund invests in the factory and Woord en Daad ensures the training and coaching of farmers and young people around the factory. The farmers learn to organize themselves and are trained in increasing the production and improving the production quality. Young people receive vocational training so that they have a higher chance of a job in a factory.


You can contribute to the Fair Factory Development Fund by donating to the fund, for example. Your gift will enable us to invest from the fund in various factories in different countries. You can also contribute to our fund as a participant.

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